About Me

My name is Nur Indah Fitriana Ibrahim, but you just call me fitri. I was born in nabire, 31st july 1990 so my age 19. Although I was born and I was raised in nabire, I’m bima (NTB) descent. And then I have one sister, she is 17 years old. I love my family and my hometown so much. Although my hometown not advanced as the cities in java, I’m very happy to stay there.

I’m a nutrient university student the 45 generation. My friend said that I’m friendly, smiles readily, and conscious but I’m closemouthed and I’m a closed people. Beside it, I’m a shy people but I like do a new things especially the challenge things. I’m very appreciate the time, because I think time is important. We must exploit the time as well in order to nothing remorse for the future.
I like read and hear the music, but my hoby is writing. When in high senior school, I wrote a novelette and two short story. All of them about life and mother’s love. But now, I can’t write like that because my spare time no much. Although I haven’t much spare time, usually I write something in my blog. Because to write something in blog, don’t have much spare time and I can study while I do it. Beside writing, I like to edit photos and drawings also. Because there, computer world attracted my attention. I love people try programs available, so sometimes my laptop like an error. But that did not make me give up and afraid to do it again.

Now I’m trying to reduce my bad qualities, such as shy and withdrawn. I tried subtracting the following activities on campus. I want more often socialize with others so that I could be better. Beside it, I’m calm people and I have a soft voice. Sometimes, the people know me say that I am a Java, when I had nothing Javanese descent. but, I’m always grateful for what I have and try to be better than before.


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